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The Complete Guide to Buying Blinds in Singapore

The great about blinds is that they are very very flexible. There's a wide range of blinds with a wide range of looks. This allows anyone looking to decorate the interior of their home a wide variety of options. You don't have to be a professional to see the great advantages blinds bring to the table.

They are very easy to operate. They tend to be very flexible and versatile and also they fit many different ambiances and moods that you want to establish for the different rooms in your home.

With that said, if you just decide to    buy a blind in Singapore    randomly, you will probably be disappointed. You have to be very methodical regarding the types of blinds you want to get. What makes this difficult is that you can't just rely on somebody's recommendation.

You can't just look at a blog and say, "that's the kind of blind I want to get." No. There is no such thing as a top down or cookie-cutter approach when it comes to buying blinds.

You have to make sure that whatever decision you make fits your particular needs and situation. Use these questions to make your selection. By grounding your selection based on your particular needs and circumstances, you increase the chance that you will be happy with your decision. Not just now but long into the future. 

Make sure you want blinds 

A lot of Singaporeans think that they want blinds. They assume that the best choice of window dressing or window decoration for their home interior are blinds. Maybe their friends told them, maybe they just saw blinds at a show room and they have made up their mind.

The truth is you have to always revisit this question, are you sure you want blinds? Keep in mind, many different other wall and window covering options are out there.

Make sure that you truly want blinds.

What kind of looks are you trying to achieve? 

If people tell you that you should get Venetian blinds, this side steps the question of which kind of look are you trying to achieve. If you get ahead of yourself by zeroing on a particular type of blind, you might be cheating yourself.

The truth is you have to be methodical about the blind selection process. A key question you must consider is what kind of look are you trying to achieve. Different rooms have different looks, different looks convey different moods and ambiances.

This is a crucial question to ask because this impacts the particular type of blind you'll get and also impacts the blind's flexibility and versatility.  

What are your maintenance requirements? 

Different blinds have different maintenance requirements. Some require a lot of elbow grease. Others might need mechanization. Others are very easy to operate but are kind of fragile. You have to weigh how much effort you're gonna put into maintaining your blinds and what your options are. 

What is your budget? 

This is a crucial question. You'd be surprise at how many people forget to factor this in. They go to the wall covering store and expect to get the right kind of blind at the right price. Just like with any other product in the market, there are certain ranges that our particular budget will be able to afford. Zero in on your budget and then look at the other questions above to identify the blind options you should go for.

Do you have the right measurements? 

A lot of Singapore homeowners go straight to the home decorations store and buy blinds without taking the right measurements. They think that they have the right measurements but they end up with blinds that simply look awkward. Talk to a sales person at the store where you're thinking of buying the blinds to ask for directions regarding how to measure your blinds properly.

Just like with buying any type of product or service, you have to have the right considerations for you to make the right choice. If you're not systematic and methodical about making decisions, you increase your chances of picking the wrong product or service.

This is especially true when it comes to buying blinds. By being clear as to your decision parameters, you increase the chances of making a decision you will be happy with.